Juan Cabello

Entrepreneur, Fullstack Engineer & Software Architect

About me


I am an entrepreneur at heart and a passionate software engineer with experience in backend, frontend, and digital audio development. As of recently, I have delivered work in the area of DevOps and started immersing myself into the world of Machine Learning.

As a software engineer, I am obsessed with seamless experiences. Seamless, as in intuitive, fast and useful. I base all my work on creating such experiences or enabling to do so.

As an entrepreneur, I am deeply concerned about our current educational system and enthusiastic about solving the political one too. Drop me a line if you are interested in such areas too and let's fix the foundation of every society!

I like coding, photography, learning new things, mixing music, and table tennis.

Some other key attributes are:

Creative: My creativity is very unique. But also very picky. If one day is just not there, it’ll hardly come back until the next day. Creative work has very limited time in my day-to-day but then it can turn actually very good.
Hard worker: I work hard, non stop. Tend to have very clear defined goals each day and never call it a day before I accomplish all goals set. Side effect is losing track of time.
Ambitious: I’m very eager to win. Constantly setting myself nearly impossible goals and challenging myself merely for growth. Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.
Curious: 55 tabs in my browser are a normal thing in me. I like to get to know even the smallest detail of stuff and tend to lose myself in the details. I am constantly on the look of new things and if I finally found something I have never read about before, it will very likely happen that I'll spend couple of hours investigating this new thing.
Caretaker: I never let anyone fall. Only when we all fall together. On hard times, you can always expect a hand, a speech, or even a all-night talk if it’s required. I try to make people feel better when I see it fit and give my best and even my funniest to make that happen.
Goal-oriented: I work best when the goal is set. When my eyes are set on the price, I get the price. If it’s not the first time or the second, it’ll be the third or fourth. But I’ll get it. If the goal is not there, I get lost easily. Lean Startup evangelist: Iterate to the victory. Build, Measure, Learn. Strongly believe in that principle and I am very willing to put in to practice.
Stubborn: Every lost argument, feels like a small heart attack. If I believe firmly something, then you better be able to provide enough arguments to convince me. Please never try this with politics, religion or football. On the other side, if you beat me, congratulations.
Joker: Just kidding. If you beat me, I’ll take revenge on that. So you better lose. Do you understand what I mean?
Day-dreamer: I tend to project myself too much in the future. I can plan 5 - 10 years ahead and very often I need to step down, back up and plan just for the next 6 months ahead.
Philosopher: Give me wine and you’ll get philosophy. I like to think and talk about existence, relationships, society and the universe. If you feel like having an all night talk about any of those topics, then: GIVE. ME. WINE.
Inspirational: I like to take on the inspirational tasks. Like motivating people to do things better and coming with ways of doing so than just speaking.
Emotional: I can be very emotional. If I feel myself emotionally down, I’m highly unproductive and distracted. At the same time, I always try to find the right words to say things without hurting feelings or leaving meaning out.